Monday, October 26, 2015

Artists Portraits Museum Exhibition

ESMoA: Artist Portraits by photographer 
Jim McHugh 
with original artworks by the artists.

Experience 19: TOUCH
  October 11, 2015 | Jan. 31, 2016 - 

Curated by Edward Goldman

Main hall at the El Segundo Museum of Art, four decades of artists portraits by Jim McHugh with original artworks by the artists. Sculptures by Peter Shelton and Allison Saar.

Installing one of the larger  portraits on canvas, a 5x7 foot image of German artist Thomas Demand. Innova Archival Mat canvas  gives a visual feel more like paper. Allison Saar's canvas print was the first use of this material and very quickly many more were printed. 

A 25 x 25 foot photograph of The Bryson Apts. in Los Angeles fills one whole wall of the exhibit. From a Type 55 Polaroid

Left to Right KCRW's Edward Goldman, Jim McHugh and ESMoA Director Bernhard Zuenkeler with David Hockney's 2005 painting "The Photographer and His Daughter. "

Thomas Demand photographed with a Deardorff 8x10 camera and Impossible Project 8x10 Instant Film

Above: Artworks by Ed Ruscha, Mike Kelley, Michael McMillen, John Baldessari, Mary Corse and John Nava

Thank you to those who contributed to the production of this exhibition

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