Tuesday, February 8, 2011


ART LA 2011 - at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Timothy Yarger Fine Art. 

Full Moon at L.A. Live  from Los Angeles Convention Center shot with the new  Polaroid 300
New color prints from Land and Water and Let's Get Lost: Polaroids From The Coast debuted with Timothy Yarger Fine Art at the LA ART SHOW. 

Jim McHugh's exhibit at the Timothy Yarger Fine Art booth at LA ART SHOW 2011

 Timothy Yarger and his staff installing the new work at the Convention Center

I had a lot of fun shooting all my friends with the Polaroid 300, and they could actually take a picture home!
 Good friend and National Geographic photographer Gerd Ludwig back from Russia, where he continues to shoot his epic project.
  Polaroid's L.A. marketing crew from William Morris at the Opening Night Gala!  L.R.  Lauren Becker, Jeannine Hamaoui, Brad Klemmer, photographer Jim McHugh, Stasi Jorgensen, Alyer Breau,  gallery owner Timothy Yarger - • from a Polaroid 300

Photography's First Couple, Francoise & Douglas Kirkland with  filmmaker Chloe McHugh • Polaroid 300 

Artist Chul-Hyun Ahn with his mirror and glass installations at the Art Show, Yarger booth. His studio is in Baltimore, where all the fabrication is done.
Always up on the latest, Damon Webster of PhotoInduced.com visits
the McHugh installation at Timothy Yarger. With his trusty Nikon in hand! • Polaroid 300

 Artist Zhenya Gershman • Polaroid 300 © 2011 Jim McHugh

Friend and Photographer Michele Mattei showed a selection of her Women series.