Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Julius Shulman

Architectural Photographer Julius Shulman

"He, in my opinion and the opinions of many, is the most important architectural photographer in history. He elevated what you might consider a commercial genre to a fine art,"

Gallery owner and long time friend, Craig Krull

I photographed Julius in November of 2008. The camera he is holding is the one he began shooting with in 1936.

His photographs are examples of what the very best can be. Any serious photography involving architecture must be looked at in relationship to the work of Julius Shulman. His way of photographing will never again be duplicated.

A Master of a series of technically demanding skills he was able to capture with a large format camera in a single shot on a sheet of film the perfect picture- meticulously lit and balanced. But above all else it was his vision as an artist that defined an era.

With his passing one senses a great continent has slipped back into the sea.

Julius Shulman 1910-2009

photo: David Sirh

"We went out to breakfast after the photographs were taken...at age 98 Julius spoke excitedly about the shoot he had just completed the day before... the assignments he had coming up...and all the while he was finishing off a very large stack of pancakes... Some days remain forever!"

From 'A Photographer's Life: Just One More'

Polaroid Photograph of Julius Shulman 11"x 14" - ink on Innova archival paper

First published in Art and Living Magazine, Special Artists Issue - 2008

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