Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Downtown LA: The Container Yard's first Art Show

The Container Yard © 2015 Jim McHugh
The Container Yard, LA's ground zero for graffiti artists, muralists and historians of  graffiti lettering, is celebrating their second anniversary by hosting their first real Art Show, which opens tonight, Feb. 27.  Art Show is curated by Vyal Reyes, artist and creator of the magnificent Wall of Eyes featured above. For their first public exhibition, Vyal was tasked with selecting a handful of new works from a variety of  Los Angeles street artists and photographers who have collaborated and contributed to the evolution of the space over the past two years.   
Artist and curator of Art Show, Vyal Reyes Impossible - Project 8x10 Instant Film 
© 2015 Jim McHugh
ART SHOW, the exhibition, offers a rare opportunity to glimpse behind the graffiti painted walls of TCY, to see the work of my good friends, artists Prime, Heaven, ShanduOne and many others. For me it's exciting to be a part of this diverse LA artistic undertaking, but what is far more satisfying personally is seeing this art work so justifiably honored. To anyone in LA or visiting, please give yourself a gift, see this show.
http://www.thecontaineryard.com/    @thecontaineryard   #ARTSHOWTCY

(from top to bottom) Installation views of new works by Prime, Heaven, Sek, and photographs by Jim McHugh All imagery © Jim McHugh

Opening tonight, Saturday Feb. 27 - 7/11PM... probably up for a month, its just that kinda dope place, Dawg.

800 East 4th St. 4th and Alameda entrance on Seaton St.

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