Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Chevalier's Books - Book Signing


Chevalier's Books, the oldest independently operated bookstore in Los Angeles, invites you to meet photographer Jim McHugh, signing his book Let's Get Lost, a collection of award winning photographs of LA's Golden Era.

Saturday afternoon - Dec. 20 - 3pm until 5pm
126 N Larchmont Boulevard - LA. 90004

The Gallery at Chevalier's - exhibited photographs from Let's Get Lost.

Opening night celebration of Chevalier 's recent remodel, dedicated to Los Angeles architectural heritage.
Orpheum Theatre and Lamppost on West Boulevard  from Let's Get Lost

Chevalier's Books - historic Los Angeles bookstore 

Chevalier's Books, founded in 1940 by Joe Chevalier, is the oldest, continuously operating bookstore in Los Angeles. In 1990, Filis Winthrop, a retired LA high school teacher, purchased the business from Joe Chevalier. The disappearance of these independent, local bookstores is well known. This year it changed hands again to Bert Deixler and Darryl Holter, two passionate, dedicated bibliophiles. Chevalier's underwent a major remodel in November, keeping the cozy, neighborhood feeling of the store created by my wife, designer Johnna McHugh. Today Filis still continues to operate the store - with more books, and added technology but the same devotion she has given for over 25 years. Chevalier's, an enduring, longstanding businesses on Larchmont, is a cultural marker for the community,  It is my great pleasure to participate in the legacy of this landmark bookstore.  Jim McHugh

The first building to be constructed on Larchmont Boulevard in 1924, it was originally a bank. The bank's 
vault remains to this day,  Filis Winthrop and Chloe McHugh with the vintage 1920s bank vault behind.
Jim McHugh - Let's Get Lost 
Book Signing - 3pm until 5pm - Saturday afternoon - Dec. 20, 2014

Chevalier's Books
126 North Larchmont Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90004

McHugh represented by
Timothy Yarger Fine Art - Beverly Hills!jim-mchugh/c1k46