Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Larry Bell, Ed Moses, Don Bachardy, David Hockney,Betye Saar, Robert Irwin, Sam Francis, Joe Goode, Beatrice Wood, Ed Ruscha, Noah Purifoy, Jay DeFeo

Photographs by Jim McHugh 
Timothy Yarger Fine Art
An official participating gallery in collaboration with the
Getty Museum’s “PACIFIC STANDARD TIME: ART IN LA 1945-1980”    
 Exhibition: October 22 - December 8, 2011

  When: Opening reception: Saturday, October 22, 7-9pm

Timothy Yarger Fine Art 
 354 North Bedford Drive.Beverly Hills, CA 90210

80 page catalog by Kristine McKenna

STUDIO VISITS is a collection of candid portraits of California artists curated from the files of photographer Jim McHugh.  These images span more than three decades, from 1978 to the present. Jim McHugh is the pre-eminent portraitist of West Coast artists. Immediately apparent in his photographs is the great respect and exuberance he holds for his subjects and their work.

This insightful archive of historic images is an homage to the Los Angeles based artists who defined a new aesthetic, vision and creativity, completely independent of the New York School.
Jim McHugh’s collaboration with Henry Hopkins and Chronicle Press for "California Painters: New Work" and Abbeville Press for "The Art of Light and Space" offered singular views into the  world of these artists. 
STUDIO VISITS will be unveiled in two exhibitions. The first begins October 22, with the second opening in April 2012.

Art Historian Kristine McKenna, author of the award-winning book and documentary, The Cool School, the definitive work on Wallace Berman and has a long history as a noted Los Angeles Times writer, has generously contributed her talent and expertise to this body of work and to the selection of artists illustrated in the 80-page color catalog, Volume I, accompanying this first exhibition. Artists included:

Richard Diebenkorn, Ed Ruscha, David Hockney, Julius Shulman, Ed Moses, Sam Francis, Robert Irwin, Ken Price, James Turrell, Bruce Nauman, Nicholas Wilder, Peter Voulkos, Helen Lundeberg, Billy Al Bengston, Joe Goode, Betye Saar, Charles Garabedian, Gordon Onslow Ford, Larry Bell, Craig Kauffman, William Brice, Sam Maloof, Georges Herms, Llyn Foulkes, Hans Burkhardt, Emerson Woelffer, Noah Purifoy, Doug Wheeler, Eric Orr, John Outterbridge, Jay de Feo, Robert Graham, Don Bachardy, Ron Davis, Beatrice Wood, Karl Benjamin, Lee Mullican, John McCracken, Rachael Rosenthal, Dennis Hopper.