Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Let's Get Lost" Ghosts of Hollywood

Jim McHugh: Polaroid Photographs

Los Angeles Art Show
January 20 through 24, 2010
Los Angeles Convention Center
Directions and Info for the LA Art Show

Timothy Yarger Fine Art -
Booth G190 - on-site mobile: 310 259 1118

"The Du Barry Arms" 30" x 40" © 2007 Jim McHugh -Archival Pigment Print and "The Cocoanut Grove" 20" x 24" © 2001 Jim McHugh -Silver Gelatin Prints

As the grandson of a golden-era Hollywood songwriter, acclaimed photographer Jim McHugh is heir to a particular experience and vision of Los Angeles that's all romance, noir, silhouetted buildings, and casual luxury. With his knack for photographing buildings in the intimate style of a portraitist, and in such a way as to erase all traces of intervening history, McHugh's photographs capture the ghost of what was — and might be again — LA's promise of beauty and the sunny, shadowy, glittering character of America in its vintage red-carpet regalia.
– Shana Nys Dambrot Flavor Pill- New York • December, 2009