Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rob Lowe and Jim Belushi Photographed for November's Architectural Digest

This is Rob's second AD cover. We shot the first one together in 2004
Rob and Sheryl at home in Santa Barbara with the Blue Pacific behind them. On the adjoining portico they confer with the celebrated interior designer, and good friend, David Phoenix.

Photographed with my 4x5 Speed Graphic and remaining T55 - Polaroid. 

I always enjoy working with Sheryl and Rob Lowe. They know exactly what it takes to make great photographs and will always set aside enough time to let that happen.
To Rob no detail is too small; he and Sheryl completely understand the 
importance of style, lighting
and all the other tiny details that go into making  pictures look so simple and easy! Of course,we also appreciated the little Italian cookies and imported prosciutto! 
Photographers are so easily won over!

My lens cap's off to Jennifer Dynof, who schedules and manages the vast Lowe Universe, she patiently put this all together. FYI photo travelers, Jennifer is the highly experienced former production manager for my friend and unforgettable photographer Herb Ritts. 
( File under an even smaller world)

We were most fortunate to have interior designer David Phoenix lending his expert hand on the shoot day. David has skillfully decorated homes for everybody from the Kennedys to  Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver. David was recognized last year in the design world as "America's Leading Young Designer." So if David Phoenix says " I think the chair needs to go a little bit to left,"  well then... that's where we put it !!

 Jennifer  and Jim Belushi at home in Brentwood, Ca. with their 
incredibly wonderful German Shepherd, Cash! I have a shepherd too, 
named Scottie, so I'm just a little partial. 
Of course with shepherds you have to be
very open minded about some serious barking!

What exceptional couple, my crew and I enjoyed spending the afternoon with Jim and Jennifer. They were so considerate of both us and the job we had to do. Jim's schedule is always jam packed, finding a afternoon to shoot was challenging. His TV series films every day - and  music bookings often take him away on the weekends. We had plenty of time to set up our shots and they happily offered help and good suggestions. Jim was only concerned with "getting it right."  Working with this caliber of artist will always makes for successful pictures. And, of course, there was lunch! I must also thank Jim's extremely capable assistant Samandhi, a USC Film School graduate for her very appreciated schedule juggling that allowed all the planes
to land in the same place at the same time so our little photo shoot could actually happen!  

  The McHugh Studio - Los Angeles - 323 466 2890

All of these pictures were shot with my Nikon D3x, I like the native 
color of Nikon captures  and Nikon Lenes are truly spectacular. The raw files are processed through Adobe Lightroom. 

BTW -after much research, I'm using a  Kiboko Bag from Guru Gear for my outdoor 4x5 work. I just returned from 
10 days in Colorado photographing the Fall! But more of that later...