Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Shooting with Wally Seawell's Deardorff camera

Prof. Dr. Wulf Herzogenrath - 8x10 Polaroid

Elimu Nelson

I made these portraits of museum curator Dr. Wulf Herzogenrath and actor Elimu Nelson with my prized Deardorff camera, circa 1937. The camera was a gift from silver screen era photographer Wally Seawell. Wally traveled the world photographing such film legends as Gregory Peck, Lana Turner, Elizabeth Taylor and Betty Davis with this 8x 10 Deardorff. My friend Wally worked as a photographer from the early 1930s until he passed at the age of 90 a few years ago.

 It's a great feeling working with a camera that has such history. It's like BB King's guitar.

Photographing German curator Wulf Herzogenrath in 2012 at The Getty Museum
in Los Angeles with Wally Seawell's Deardorff camera

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