Saturday, October 17, 2009

Steve Tyrell at the Catalina in Hollywood

Had a really great time seeing Steve Tyrell at the Catalina..'Standard Time' is such a perfect CD for the American Songbook. Steve and Bill Claxton were very best friends, Steve performed at Bill's LA County Museum Memorial. Photography and Music have always been close friends.
Wouldn't you know, my D300 batteries were undercharged and I finished up with a point and shoot!

Steve Tyrell performing at the Catalina Bar and Grill in Hollywood, Ca Oct 15, 2009
He performed  a special 10th Annniversary show celebrating his first American Song Book CD
"Standard Time." The CD includes 3 Jimmy McHugh timeless classics," I'm in the Mood for Love"
"On the Sunnyside of the Street" and "I can't Give you Anything But Love,Baby!"

                      Joining Steve on stage last night was celebrated vocalist Robbyn Kirmsse

Steve Tyrell with grandson Jimmy McHugh III (left) and great-grandson Lee Newman (right)
who is also Eddie Cantor's great grandson.( maybe it's family night!?)

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