Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rue Du Bac

Paris photographer Samuel Lugassy, Designer Kevin Corn and Debbie Hauvette Dir. of the Gallery.

The Installation is in, We took the final framed works from the Dupon Lab today. Samuel Lugasssy and Kevin Corn have been so much help. The pictures are so beautiful in this wonderful French library enviorment. They seem to belong, like a living room. There were quite a few visitors to the Gallery today. The images in the window created real interest. Kevin's
handiwork. And somehow Samuel got eveything up and perfect! Debbie Hauvette from Transacmer has made all of this possible.


  1. Nice it looks really good there in the window. I wish I was there!


  2. A wonderful show that was admired and enjoyed by many. Going back next week to Paris and will stop by to enjoy again and some more.